June 28, 2016

ACTiLED selected for the HomeLifi project at the Camille Claudel district in Palaiseau

Partager La Ville, a plateform organising calls for projects and providing assistance to deployment, in partnership with Scientipôle Aménagement, has just announced the winner of the HomeLiFi call for project:
(in French) http://www.partagerlaville.com/laureat-homelifi-2016-06-28.html

And the winner is the Home Lifi Services consortium including ACTiLED associated with its parteners Algonano, Bee LiFi, Courchevel Telecom and Mon p'ti voisinage.

An official presentation of the solutions package will be held in September 2016 in Palaiseau during an event organised by Scientipôle Aménagement and dedicated to the HomeLifi project. The Smart Lighting Alliance will host the project in its development phase.