Kit de Retrofit LED pour projecteurs et lampes high-bay

The LARK1003 is a LED kit for retrofiting projectors and high-bay lamps that are deteriorated or getting too old. It is especially suited for replacement of fluocompact, halogen or iodide source ranging between 50W and 100W (Kit 30W), 100W and 160W (Kit 60W), or 160W and 240W (Kit 90W).

Retrofit is an alternative to the replace of the luminaire that costs -on average- three time less. It also offer less consuming and more reliable system. The LED modules used are powered directly on the 230VAC, minimizing the risk of failure that are often due to converters and other components outside the light source. Installation is just quick and simple. The modules are compatible with phase-cut dimming devices and can therefore operate with most of the existing ligh control infrastructures.


  • One(or several) LED module(s) fixed on an aluminium plate fitting the projector dimensions
  • An aluminium heat sink to ensure thermal dissipation 
  • A PMMA protection or an optical diffuser fixed on each module to achieve the appropriate beam angle
  • A connector for 230 VAC supply


  • Dismantling of the light source and the related electronic accessories
  • Fixing of the LED Retrofit kit
  • Connecting to the 230 VAC supply
LARK1003 Kit Retrofit 60W
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Typical applications
  • Office and commercial lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Architectural lighting